Basic Help

The Basic level of CharTree lets you upload a GEDCOM and draw charts.


Input a person and see who is selected. You can select a
Refocus:Change the Focus person.

Who you've selected appears as
Focus:The person at the center of the chart.

Mouseover: hold the mouse cursor over a name in the chart
and the name appears in the text box to the right of Person.

Pan: click on a name in the chart to Focus on that person.
Selecting the father or mother pans back a generation in time.
Selecting a child pans forward in time.

Type: a name in the text boxes below Person:
First Name: the person's first name, and any middle names
Last Name: the person's last name (surname)
Then click on Enter.


Reports, Ancestors, and Descendants.


CharTree can display charts of
Parent Greats
First Cousins
Second Cousins
and many others,
as well as simple Family Group and Pedigree charts. CharTree can depict intergenerational marriages and stepchildren, and many other options.

Ancestors and Descendants

You can change either Ancestors or Descendants and change the report that way, too.


You can Share your GEDCOM with other CharTree users.

Upgrade to Advanced level.


Basic level has numerous options.
ClipYear:Don't display dates for living people born after this year
If set, change via Change Database Permissions.
Mag:Size of on-screen chart display
Details: Select personal information
PLAC:Display places
BAPT:Display baptisms, christenings, and burials
OCCU:Display occupations
fillin:Display blanks to fill in for missing information
nodates:See Advanced
REFN:See Advanced
EVEN:See Advanced
NOTE:See Advanced
ID:See Research
Extended: Select extended family
Siblings:Display brothers and sisters of ancestors
Stepchildren:Display Stepchildren
Select with Parents:Display parents for ambiguous input selections
Picture List:Select from people with pictures
Difference List:Select from people different between two databases
setdifflist:Choose second database to diff
Labels: Labels on the chart
dotitle:Display chart title
title:Text of chart title
email:Display your email at bottom of chart
name:Display your name at bottom of chart
b&w:Black and white chart instead of color
notext:No text in chart boxes
Pointsize:Largest point size for chart text
Page: Page size and margins
Page Width:Page width in inches
Page Height:Page height in inches
Margins:Page margins in inches
See also Advanced
Save: Save chart in various formats
PDF:Retrieve a PDF of the chart for printing or mailing
EPS:Retrieve Encapsulated PostScript of the chart for inclusion in a Word or OpenOffice document
PS:Retrieve PostScript of the chart for printing