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New in CharTree

13 June 2010: EVEN implemented.

See EVEN help.

4 June 2010: Compressed uploads work.

In addition to plain text (as in filename.ged), GEDCOM files may be uploaded with
   bzip2 compression (extension .bz2, as in filename.ged.bz2)
   gzip compression (extension .gz, as in filename.ged.gz)

19 Apr 2010: Menu help works in IE.

Also View Zoom now works correctly in IE.

And wrap radio sub-submenus when no non-numeric values other than Any.

11 Apr 2010: Better menu help.

All Help links pop up.

Person type (Refocus, Focus, Through, etc.) is now a radio menu.

For radio sub-sub-menus (such as Person and Reports), help links are now at end of the line as [help?] to avoid confusion.

Sub menus and sub-sub-menus now appear directly to the right of the previous menu item.

8 Apr 2010: Cleaner menus, plus chart title.

This all works in every known browser and OS combination except IE 8.

Who groups Person (input to select) and Focus (already selected) together.

Scope groups Reports, Ancestors, Descendants, Code, and each Report and Code type now has a mouseover help message.

Details groups the basic chart content options together.

Extended uses more self-explanatory names, such as Select with Parents, Picture List and Difference List.

Labels adds dotitle and title.

Page collects page size and margins where they don't clutter up the screen.

Save collects PDF, EPS, and PS and adds Chart GEDCOM.

22 Dec 2009: Improved picture format
Picture labels and small, medium, and large sizes.

22 Dec 2009: Default chart margin 1 inch
Should make including pictures in documents easier.

9 Dec 2009: is a much faster server
The old server redirects to

15 Oct 2009: gold picture markers just a bar at the left of the person box
Simpler, more like the pictlist gold bug, and leaves most of the person box border color unobscured.

9 Oct 2009: gold picture markers thinner on top and bottom
To avoid gold box obscuring text.

9 Oct 2009: EPS
Retrieve Encapsulated PostScript of the chart for inclusion in a Word or OpenOffice document.

9 Oct 2009: PS
Retrieve PostScript of the chart for printing.

8 Oct 2009: Code Get
If Code is shown, a link labeled Get appears beside it; click on Get to download the GEDCOM code for the current chart.
[Since changed to Chart GEDCOM under Save.]

8 Oct 2009: Related spelled out
Each Related report now has links for each of multiple relations. Each link goes to a chart for that specific relation.

For example, Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K. and former King of the Belgians Baudoin are third cousins, fifth cousins, and fourth cousins once removed. The same is true of Elizabeth and current King of the Belgians Albert, because Albert is Baudoin's brother.