Okra Paradise Farms [Up]


Beaver pond path


[Where Yellow Dog was]
Where Yellow Dog was

[Or by this tree]
Or by this tree

[This tree here]
This tree here

[To the beaver pond]
To the beaver pond

Beaver pond

[Dogs in water]
Dogs in water


[Bushes and trees]
Bushes and trees

[Movie: Birds and Gretchen (19M)]
Movie: Birds and Gretchen (19M)

Woods path

[Pond through trees]
Pond through trees

[Into the woods]
Into the woods


[Foraging insect]
Foraging insect

[with Gretchen]
with Gretchen

Snake in the mud


[Movie: Shovel head (65M)]
Movie: Shovel head (65M)

[Movie: Looks like a moccasin to me (19M)]
Movie: Looks like a moccasin to me (19M)

The Sycamore

[Dogs approach]
Dogs approach

[Dogs to shade]
Dogs to shade

[Dogs regard]
Dogs regard


[Taller than Gretchen]
Taller than Gretchen

[Distinctly taller]
Distinctly taller

Big Sycamore

[With old fence]
With old fence


[Pond entrance]
Pond entrance

At the Heron Tree


[Heron tree]
Heron tree

[Top of tree]
Top of tree

[Heron nest]
Heron nest

[Windy Spanish moss]
Windy Spanish moss

[Floating bottom]
Floating bottom

[Portrait of a tree]
Portrait of a tree

[Looking up]
Looking up

Middle of pond

[Floating bottom]
Floating bottom


[Gretchen zoom]
Gretchen zoom

Dog at the edge

[Lily pads]
Lily pads

[Something is in there]
Something is in there

[Yellow Dog]
Yellow Dog

[Gretchen sees Yellow Dog]
Gretchen sees Yellow Dog


Beaver dam

[Water down there, too]
Water down there, too

[Beaver path]
Beaver path

Green berries

[Smilax berries]
Smilax berries


[In situ]
In situ


Lower beaver pond

[Across old dam]
Across old dam

[Heron tree]
Heron tree


[Longleaf on west bank]
Longleaf on west bank

Berries in pond



[More berries]
More berries

Bird among longleaf

[Bird on dead tree]
Bird on dead tree

[Flying in front of trees]
Flying in front of trees

[Longleaf southwest]
Longleaf southwest

Beaver house

[With path]
With path


[Path to the left]
Path to the left

[Brush on old dam to the right]
Brush on old dam to the right

[Stob and east bank]
Stob and east bank


[South Patio]
South Patio

[North side]
North side

[North side with trees]
North side with trees

Back to the pond

[Main pond]
Main pond

[Floating bottom, Gretchen, cypress, longleaf]
Floating bottom, Gretchen, cypress, longleaf

[Gretchen and longleaf]
Gretchen and longleaf

Heron on branch


[We see you]
We see you

[Closeup with slash pine]
Closeup with slash pine

[I see you watching]
I see you watching

[Longleaf and heron]
Longleaf and heron

East side

[Heron cypress and longleaf]
Heron cypress and longleaf

[East pines]
East pines

[Southeast longleaf]
Southeast longleaf

Gretchen photographing


[With moss, cypress, and pines]
With moss, cypress, and pines

[Under the heron tree]
Under the heron tree

The Pond

[Sky and water]
Sky and water

Beaver pool

[Fallen pine]
Fallen pine

[Brown Dog]
Brown Dog

[Brown Dog on log]
Brown Dog on log

[Movie: A wild dog appears (33M)]
Movie: A wild dog appears (33M)

[Movie: Brown Dog on log (47M)]
Movie: Brown Dog on log (47M)

SE corner

[Lily pads and log]
Lily pads and log

[Log and lily pads]
Log and lily pads


Wired pines

[Fence wire]
Fence wire

[Prevents beaver gnawing]
Prevents beaver gnawing

[Like that]
Like that

Her tree


[Gretchen and her Sycamore]
Gretchen and her Sycamore

[Closeup Gretchen, Sycamore]
Closeup Gretchen, Sycamore

[Gretchen, her Sycamore]
Gretchen, her Sycamore



[Yellow Dog]
Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog

Okra Paradise Farms
Half way between Atlanta and Orlando and all the way to paradise!

Brown Dog

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Okra, yellow squash, cucumbers, collards, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, red potatoes, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And pine trees!