Porch wren chicks 2020-05-17

The porch wrens built their nest so dark inside I never even saw their eggs, but now the chicks are hatched, four or five of them.

[Flash: four or five chicks]
Flash: four or five chicks

Had to use my phone’s flash to see them.

[One barely visible]
One barely visible

Gretchen actually discovered them.


Phoenix bird 2020-05-10

The firebird appears to be a Carolina wren.

[Carolina wren]
Carolina wren

This Thryothorus ludovicianus didn’t seem to mind that I was three feet from it. Continue reading

Swamp boat burn 2020-03-02

Dogs like water more than fire.

[Yellow Dog and camouflaged Brown Dog]
Yellow Dog and camouflaged Brown Dog

And yes, Gretchen was putting out fires with a coffee cup and swamp water.

But she found something unexpected. Continue reading