Okra Paradise Farms [Up]



[Fastest burn ever: 20 acres in 3 hours 2023-01-11]
Fastest burn ever: 20 acres in 3 hours 2023-01-11

South border

[A nice line of fire]
A nice line of fire

[Just right]
Just right

[About a foot high]
About a foot high

West border

[Gretchen and a neighbor spreading the fire]
Gretchen and a neighbor spreading the fire

North border

[Fire approaching Quarterman Road]
Fire approaching Quarterman Road

[Fire at Quarterman Road]
Fire at Quarterman Road


[Pipeline smoked]
Pipeline smoked

[Fire ran up a few trees]
Fire ran up a few trees

[Pipeline grass burning]
Pipeline grass burning

[A very well-behaved burn]
A very well-behaved burn

East border

[The last corner]
The last corner

[Fire approaching]
Fire approaching

[Nothing but a few small smokers left]
Nothing but a few small smokers left

[Burned around the last east tree]
Burned around the last east tree

[Fire never reached that last firebreak]
Fire never reached that last firebreak

Yellow Dog

Okra Paradise Farms
Half way between Atlanta and Orlando and all the way to paradise!

Brown Dog

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Okra, yellow squash, cucumbers, collards, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, red potatoes, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And pine trees!