Okra Paradise Farms [Up]



[One match]
One match

[Demonstrating why should have burned last year]
Demonstrating why should have burned last year

[Going good]
Going good

Ladder fuels

[Why frequent burning is necessary]
Why frequent burning is necessary

[That part was quick]
That part was quick

[Across the cross driveway]
Across the cross driveway

[Just how we like it]
Just how we like it

South end

[Slower with oak leaves]
Slower with oak leaves


[Movie: Burning with a breeze (7.7M)]
Movie: Burning with a breeze (7.7M)


[Yellow jessamine and Smilax]
Yellow jessamine and Smilax

West by the swamp

[Coming this way]
Coming this way

[Nice burn]
Nice burn

[Movie: Burning nicely (22M)]
Movie: Burning nicely (22M)

[Movie: Burn and swamp (36M)]
Movie: Burn and swamp (36M)

[Movie: Still good burn (4.3M)]
Movie: Still good burn (4.3M)

[Smoke dissipating well]
Smoke dissipating well

[More ladder fuels]
More ladder fuels

[The desired result]
The desired result

Yellow Dog

Okra Paradise Farms
Half way between Atlanta and Orlando and all the way to paradise!

Brown Dog

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Okra, yellow squash, cucumbers, collards, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, red potatoes, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And pine trees!