Okra Paradise Farms [Up]


Beaver Creek

[Gretchen and her log]
Gretchen and her log

[Red maple and beaver creek]
Red maple and beaver creek

Beaver Pond

[Gretchen and a beaver pond]
Gretchen and a beaver pond

[Beaver pond]
Beaver pond

[Wide beaver pond]
Wide beaver pond


[Gretchen and the lion's mane]
Gretchen and the lion's mane

[Sphagnum moss]
Sphagnum moss

[Old stob; might be catface]
Old stob; might be catface

[Mushroom log]
Mushroom log



[Gretchen in the woods with vines]
Gretchen in the woods with vines

Yellow Woods Dog

[This way?]
This way?


[That way.]
That way.

Upper Pond

[Quite full]
Quite full

[How about a boardwalk right through here?]
How about a boardwalk right through here?

[Gretchen at the pond edge]
Gretchen at the pond edge

Yellow Pond Dog

[Yellow Dog in the pond]
Yellow Dog in the pond

[Yes, that's me, Yellow Dog]
Yes, that's me, Yellow Dog


[Gretchen and her Sycamore]
Gretchen and her Sycamore

[Tall tree]
Tall tree

[She likes that tree]
She likes that tree


[Log, Fungus, Yellow Dog, Sycamore]
Log, Fungus, Yellow Dog, Sycamore

Yellow Dog

Okra Paradise Farms
Half way between Atlanta and Orlando and all the way to paradise!

Brown Dog

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Okra, yellow squash, cucumbers, collards, corn, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, red potatoes, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And pine trees!