Car 41 No

Here’s the April 2 Ga. DOT old U.S. 41 widening proposal, showing the part that would go through Hahira.


Since then they’ve produced a newer plan, which I haven’t seen, that doesn’t go through Hahira and reduces the width from 250 feet to 150 feet. That’s better, but it would still be four lanes with a median, probably a concrete median like Bemiss Road.

What’s this all about? Depends on who you ask. The future of the north end of Lowndes County. Greedy developers. Preservation of homesteads, farms, and lifestyles. Jobs for the children so they don’t have to move to Atlanta.

I prefer to stand with the group popularly known as Car 41 No, that wants both DOT plans cancelled, in favor of homesteads, farms, and lifestyles, and for a future where the county is not paved over like Atlanta; instead people have something to come home to that’s worth it. That’s why I signed the petition.