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Canada wild lettuce 2024-05-06

I didn’t recognize this plant, but apparently it is Canada wild lettuce (Lactuca canadensis), aka Florida blue lettuce, tall lettuce, or Canada lettuce. Supposedly it is native to eastern and central North America.

[Canada wild lettuce, aka Florida blue lettuce]
Canada wild lettuce, aka Florida blue lettuce

It’s in the daisy family, Asteraceae.

According to Eattheplanet.org, “The young leaves and stems are edible but should be eaten in moderation. Leaves can be eaten raw in a salad or boiled to remove bitterness.”

Also, “Wild lettuce produces a milky sap, called Lactucarium, from its leaves, stem, and roots when cut. Lactucarium is an analgesic and sedative. It has been used in the treatment of insomnia, osteoarthritis, and anxiety. The concentration of Lactucarium is highest when the plant is in bloom.”


Two methods of picking potatoes 2023-05-15

Two methods of potato digging.

[Two views of 'tater digging 2023-05-15]
Two views of ‘tater digging 2023-05-15

On the left, tractor and blade. Upside: digs them right up. Downside: and buries them in the dug dirt, so you have to dig them up again. Continue reading

Spider hat, garden vegetables 2021-06-28

A common occurrence in the woods: a banana spider on my hat.

[Orb weaver spider on hat]
Orb weaver spider on hat

These golden orb-weavers, genus Nephila, weave webs many feet across between trees, often at human eye height.

I left this one on a nearby bush.

Here are a few vegetables from the garden that day. Continue reading

Planting fruit trees 2021-03-30

Citrus: lemon, satsuma, blood orange, and grapefruit, two of each.

[Gretchen planting fruit trees]
Gretchen planting fruit trees

Better than the invasive chinaberry trees that used to be there. Getting rid of those took a bulldozer and years of mowing and harrowing. Continue reading

What was I thinking? –Gretchen at the cane bed 2020-11-29

That’s less than half of the sugar cane on the bed when Gretchen wondered, “What was I thinking?”

[Bed, covers, bedded.]
Bed, covers, bedded.

Nervous Nellie thought it was great fun, running up and down the cane bed as I was digging it. The other dogs got bored and went home.

Gretchen cut almost all of the cane with her machete. (She didn’t approve of my axe.) Continue reading