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Okra, cucumber, yellow squash, and more at Barnes Drugs in Valdosta today

Farmacy is today. 1:30-3:30 at Barnes Drugs. Corner of Savannah and Patterson in Valdosta. I will have okra and grits and lots of other delicious stuff. So will Thelma. Don’t miss out.

Okra Paradise Farms price list

Okra Paradise Farms
Price List — June 21, 2017 Continue reading

Box of okra

Usually we sell direct to people who want okra, but this particular day we had an overstock, and it turned out both Farmer Brown’s and Carter’s did, too, so this 25 pounds of prime okra went to Second Harvest.

25 pounds of okra

If you want okra, Continue reading

Okra picked this morning at Barnes Drugs 1-3PM today

All like this one Here’s Gretchen with 10 pounds of okra in the bag, all as nice and fresh as the one pictured. You can buy some of that this afternoon in Valdosta.

Where: Barnes Healthcare Services
200 S Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601

When: 1-3PM Friday 15 July 2016

Here’s a list of what Gretchen will have for sale at reasonable prices: Continue reading

Okra, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, and popcorn at Valdosta Farm Days 2015-07-18

Also rosemary, collard seeds…. A bit muggy, you can tell by the foggy picture Gretchen just took at the historic Lowndes County Courthouse in downtown Valdosta, Georgia.

526x701 Market time, in OPF at Valdosta Farm Days, by Gretchen Quarterman, 18 July 2015


Okra available today

We’ve got about 7 pounds of okra left over today after somebody couldn’t take it. So if you want it, let us know, information@okraparadisefarms.com, or comment on the blog or web page. We also have okra chips.

Okra can be hard to find. Here’s an okra plant that I had just picked: Continue reading

Okra chips and collard seeds @ Valdosta Farm Days 2014-07-19

Okra of two sizes, okra chips, eggplants, basil, rosemary, collard seeds, mustard seeds, and the last of the corn meal, all at Valdosta Farm Days today 9AM to 1PM at the historic Lowndes County Courthouse, 100 East Central Ave., Valdosta GA. Continue reading

Cancer-fighting okra?

Well, this is unexpected. Recent research shows a compound in okra “promotes selective antitumor effects in human breast cancer cells and may represent a potential therapeutic to combat human breast cancer.”

Here’s the abstract, Biotechnol Lett. 2014 Mar;36(3):461-9. doi: 10.1007/s10529-013-1382-4. Epub 2013 Oct 16. Lectin of Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) promotes selective antitumor effects in human breast cancer cells.

The anti-tumor effects of a newly-discovered lectin, isolated from okra, Abelmoschus esculentus (AEL), were investigated in human breast cancer (MCF7) and skin fibroblast (CCD-1059 sk) cells. AEL induced significant cell growth inhibition (63 %) in MCF7 cells. The expression of pro-apoptotic caspase-3, caspase-9, and p21 genes was increased in MCF7 cells treated with AEL, compared to those treated with controls. In addition, AEL treatment increased the Bax/Bcl-2 ratio in MCF7 cells. Flow cytometry also indicated that cell death (72 %) predominantly occurred through apoptosis. Thus, AEL in its native form promotes selective antitumor effects in human breast cancer cells and may represent a potential therapeutic to combat human breast cancer.

Don’t get your hopes up about that 72% figure: that seems to be that when cancer cell death occurred, 72% of it was related, not that 72% of cancer cells were killed. The 63% cancer cell growth inhibition does seem promising, though.

There are even hints in another paper that okra may be related to lower rates of prostate cancer: Continue reading