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Bees in downed tree 2023-05-30

I could hear them well before we got there.

[Movie: Flying from downed tree (65M)]
Movie: Flying from downed tree (65M)


These bees were probably living in that tree before it fell down.

Both the tree and the bees are still very much alive.

These are native bees, not imported honeybees.


Bee tree down, bees still up 2021-07-14

Fortunately, when the bee tree snapped off, it broke above the bee hive. So our pollinating native bees are still humming in and out of there. Their exit used to be on the other side of the tree, but they’re using this new entrance now.

[Bee hive in bee tree stob]
Bee hive in bee tree stob

I guess they will relocate, but at least they did not get suddenly evicted.

The bee tree was far from the largest of the fourteen big trees down we’ve counted so far. Two more were less than a hundred feet away towards the cypress swamp. Continue reading

Beekeeping: Backyard Hives or any size! –Raynae Jones @ SOGALO15 2015-01-24

You can sweeten your food experience with honeybees.

Anyone can be a beekeeper! From keeping a single hive in your backyard or 100 hives; learn how to get started. Beekeeping is a fun and important part of growing local. Raynae’ will share resources on how to get started with your own hive. Watch your own hive pollinate your garden and reward you with a sweet treat!

Who should attend: All ages interested in keeping bees!

Come hear Raynae at South Georgia Growing Local 2015, January 24th 2015, Pine Grove Middle School, near Valdosta, in Lowndes County Georgia.


Honeybee Roulette: Gambling with our Future –Heather Davis

Heather Davis will speak at South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

My presentation will be about how I became interested in honeybees and where my research has led me. It will begin with very basic information about honeybees and how they are important to our ecology. Then I will touch on how the monocultures and industrialized farming, pesticides and GMO/systemic pesticides are killing the bees and our culture and environment as we know it.

I will have pamphlets on GMO’s, how to make your own pesticides/insecticides that are safe for pollinators, what plants to grow to encourage a bio-diverse ecology at home for pollinators and a few others.

She’s on facebook as Sage Apiaries, “Pollination is the future of our food!”

Her conference bio: Continue reading