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Gopher tortoise burrow in burned longleaf, with dogs 2019-01-27

After the prescribed burn, it’s a lot easier to see, and there are more gopher tortoise burrows than we thought.

With dogs, Gopher hole

Here’s another Gopherus polyphemus near the road. It’s good there are so many. Gophers are a keystone species, hosting Continue reading

Prescribed burns

Gretchen and I burned some woods the last couple days. Here’s why we burn: longleaf pine unharmed, while small trees of other species (slash and loblolly pine, an especially oaks) are weeded out by the fire.

Why we burn: longleaf unharmed

Click on any picture for a bigger one. -jsq

Day 1: Planted pines

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Protracted extreme drought: U.S. Drought Monitor, 2012-05-08

Acording to U.S. Drought Monitor, drought throughout south Georgia and surrounding areas is either extreme or exceptional, and has been for months.

Here you can see detail for Georgia:

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Greening and candling burned longleaf

Back in December we burned some planted longleaf. Six weeks later, they’re greening up and candling. I couldn’t find a single longleaf that didn’t survive. Even ones that a few weeks ago you would have thought were burnt sticks now have green leaves or white candles or both.

Here’s a slideshow.

Longleaf greening after fire, Okra Paradise Farms, Lowndes County, Georgia.
Pictures by John S. Quarterman 29 February 2012.