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Maypop, ground cherry, blueberry, fig, beautyberry 2022-05-29

Spring is in bloom or fruit.

[Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana)]
Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana)

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Mallory blueberries on WCTV 2012-06-25

More blueberries than peaches in Georgia fruit production, featured on WCTV and at Valdosta Farm Days.

Eames Yates wrote for WCTV 25 June 2012 Blueberries Overtake Peaches as Georgia’s Largest Fruit Crop,

The Georgia peach has been bumped from the top spot when it comes to fruit production in the state. The new leader of the pack: Blueberries, which are now the number one selling fruit crop in Georgia.

Georgia has more than 19,000 acres of blueberries. And about 12,000 acres of peaches. The Mallory’s operate a blueberry farm in Valdosta. So far this year they’ve sold about 1,200 gallons of blueberries worth more than $9,000 dollars.

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