Update 21 January 2014: Four schedule revisions.

All Day: Hydroponic Tours of the Pine Grove Middle Hydroponic Farm and Greenhouses

Preliminary schedule subject to change.

8:00 a.m. Front table Check in and light breakfastEveryone
9:00-9:15 Commons Welcomeby Gretchen Quarterman
9:15-9:45 Commons Plenary: USDA & Rural Revitalization Bryan Zulko, USDA
10-11:20 Session I
Media Center Farm Panel, Growers Tell All: A Conversation with Experienced South Georgia Growers about God-Given Talents and 150+ Years of GrowingModerated by Diane Howard
Commons Bringing Nature Home presentedby Beth Grant
11:30-12:50Session II
Media Center Seed Savingby Janisse Ray
Commons Growing Backyard Chickensby Dr. Claudia Dunkley
Room 1 Grow Your Own Organic Small Fruitsby Jerald Larson
Room 2 From Fabulous Natural Fibers to Flamboyant Fabric: the craft and art of hand spinning and weavingby Amy Brown
Room 3 Proof Is in the Certificationby Connie Hayes
1:00-2:00 Commons LunchEveryone
2:00-3:00Session III
Media Center Permacultureby Ben and Jennifer Vieth
Commons Honeybee Roulette: Gambling with our Futureby Heather Davis
Room 1 The five “P’s” of Graftingby Annie Barbas
Room 2 For the Love of Herbsby B. O’Toole
Room 3 Growing Up Growingby Maria Arambula
Room 4 2014 General Assembly and Rural GAby Neill Herring
3:15-4:15Session IV
Media Center A Walk with Dairy Goats: a lesson in humor and humilityby Julia Shewchuk
Commons Composting: Red Wigglers and Soldier Fliesby John Horton
Room 1 Forming Cooperativesby Jeff Morgan
Room 2 Water Conservation: How to Lower Your Water Bill by Collecting Rain Waterby Marilyn Dye
Room 3 House of Hope: Gardening for Recoveryby Sharon Wagner
Room 4 Cottage Food Regulations and Opportunitiesby Sarah Cook
4:30-5:30Session V
Media Center CSA Experiences: Location, Location, Locationby Hagen Homestead
Commons Ham Curingby Derrick Dawson
Room 1 Yes, we can grow citrus in Georgia!by Marj Schneider
Room 2 Solar Farmsby John S. Quarterman
Room 3 MultiGenerational Growing: Making Provisions From A Local Levelby Gene Godfrey
Room 4 Reducing Waste: Donating Foodby Doug Griner
5:45-6:00 Commons Wrap-UpEveryone

More links to talk descriptions with speaker bios are still being added.

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