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Blueberry Scacrecrow 2024-05-24

This scarecrow in the blueberries seems to be working. We’re actually getting some blueberries before the birds do.

[Scarecrow and scaresnake in the blueberries]
Scarecrow and scaresnake in the blueberries

And here’s a better view of the scaresnake. It has since disappeared. Didn’t seem to blow off, since it would be nearby, and it isn’t. We guess a buzzard thought it would be a treat. Continue reading

Halberd-leaved rose mallow 2024-05-27

It’s summer when we see this flower. Each bloom lasts one day.

[Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow]
Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow

But each halberd-leaved rose mallow plant has many blooms of Hibiscus laevis.

The plant likes wet soils, but this one is in the middle of upland piney woods.


Okra, Squash, Scarecrow 2024-05-27

Update 2024-05-30: Blueberry Scacrecrow 2024-05-24.

Maybe the scarecrow will keep the critters off the okra and the yellow squash.

[Okra, squash, scarecrow]
Okra, squash, scarecrow

Also known as straightneck squash, the Abelmoschus esculentus is producing quite a bit.

The okra, Abelmoschus esculentus, hasn’t bloomed yet, but maybe it will soon.

Got a few more taters to dig, too, adding to the many we already dug.


Butterfly Milkweed 2024-05-22

This Butterfly Milkweed is growing where pine beetles, hurricanes, and thunderstorms have left few trees standing.

[Two clumps of butterfly milkweed]
Two clumps of butterfly milkweed

Asclepias tuberosa attracts butterflies with its color and its nectar. It is native to eastern and southwestern North America.


Swamp Rosemallow 2023-05-27

These usually start blooming in June, so it’s a little ahead.

[Halberdleaf rose-mallow]
Halberdleaf rose-mallow

It appears to be a Hibiscus laevis, halberdleaf rose-mallow or scarlet rose mallow.

Here are flowers from nearby plants a year ago, and a year before that.