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Cottonmouth moccasin v Yellow Dog and Brown Dog @ OPF 2016-11-29

At the far side of the pond, Yellow Dog spotted a moccasin before anybody else. The small but deadly Agkistrodon piscivorus didn’t stand a chance against the pair of experienced snake wranglers, Yellow Dog and Brown Dog.

Can you see the snake? (Tail, lower left)

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Dogs in Boats

A nice May evening at the pond with dogs in boats. Brown Dog on blue boat Except it was December. Gretchen posted these facebook pictures reposted below; click on any small picture to see a larger one. See also a few more pictures by jsq. -jsq

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Fourth of July Beaver Dam Expeditions

The pond was too dam high, and the beavers were girdling trees far out from the usual shore, so we set sail to pipe the beaver dam. Dogs waiting for us to get the boat to the deep water:

Dogs waiting for us to get the boat to the deep water


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