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Sundew 2019-04-20

Found in the same spot as three years ago.

Closeup, Sundew

Presumably the common sundew, Drosera rotundifolia.

More, Sundew

It had a rarer neighbor.

With pitcher plant, Sundew

There was enough sundew that Gretchen took one for transplanting.

For transplanting, Sundew

Preparing a spot in her bog garden.

Prepare a spot, Bog garden

Place the sundew.

Place sundew, Bog garden

Water with rainwater.

Water with rainwater, Bog garden


B.W. Sinclair Dry Lake Road sawmill and Coffee Road 2019-02-10

“B W Sinclair also owned at one point some land along the Coffee Road,” says Wiregrass Region Digital History Project (WRDHP):

Coffee Road @ Jackson Road, Morven
WRDHP photograph, apparently from Lowndes County records

Magnetic variation 4° East Continue reading

Gopher tortoise burrow in burned longleaf, with dogs 2019-01-27

After the prescribed burn, it’s a lot easier to see, and there are more gopher tortoise burrows than we thought.

With dogs, Gopher hole

Here’s another Gopherus polyphemus near the road. It’s good there are so many. Gophers are a keystone species, hosting Continue reading