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Staking a maypop 2023-05-07

Update 2023-05-30: Maypop fruit 2023-05-29.

This maypop is growing in an area we burned in January, and it had nothing to climb up on.

[Staking a maypop]
Staking a maypop

So Gretchen put in a stake for this Passiflora incarnata.


Maypop, bananas, Arrow in bathtub 2022-06-27

A late June day.

[Maypop, bananas, cypress swamp, Arrow in bathtub]
Maypop, bananas, cypress swamp, Arrow in bathtub

A month later, the Passiflora incarnata are still blooming, there are more banana bunches now, there are puddles in the cypress swamp, and Arrow still likes to cool off in her bathtub. Continue reading

Maypop, ground cherry, blueberry, fig, beautyberry 2022-05-29

Spring is in bloom or fruit.

[Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana)]
Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana)

Continue reading

Passion Flower

Gretchen with a very long passion flower vine with a flower on top of a large outcrop of smilax vine. This is the sweet smelling smilax, which I think is Smilax smallii, aka lancleaf greenbrier.

Gretchen with passion flower on top of smilax vine

The passion flower vine has a fruit, maybe where wildlife won’t eat it. Continue reading


Found in the woods on 12 June 2008:


Here’s one just opening on 4 June:


There are still a few blooming. The flowers look nice on the plant, but don’t last if you pick them.

Many of them have already made fruits. I hear you can eat those.