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Grits and corn flower: red, white, blue, and yellow

Gretchen with Okra Paradise Farms grits and corn flour fresh from the mill: in four colors, including the rare blue 2016 vintage.

Gretchen with many-colored grits fresh from the mill

Never a pesticide was seen by these grits, and yes they are Continue reading

Okra picked this morning at Barnes Drugs 1-3PM today

All like this one Here’s Gretchen with 10 pounds of okra in the bag, all as nice and fresh as the one pictured. You can buy some of that this afternoon in Valdosta.

Where: Barnes Healthcare Services
200 S Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601

When: 1-3PM Friday 15 July 2016

Here’s a list of what Gretchen will have for sale at reasonable prices: Continue reading

Shelling red corn

Got to turn that big old crank
Got to spin that flywheel around
Got to shell that red kernel corn
So we’ll have some grits and corn meal.

Here’s the video:

Gretchen Quarterman, Shelling red corn
Video by John S. Quarterman for Okra Paradise Farms,
Lowndes County, Georgia, 13 November 2015.


Smut no more: tasty corn fungus!

Corn smut a delicacy? Well, if truffles can be, why not?

Jill Neimark, the salt, 24 August 2015, Scourge No More: Chefs Invite Corn Fungus To The Plate,

One evening last July, Nat Bradford walked along rows of White Bolita Mexican corn at his Sumter, S.C., farm, and nearly wept. All 1,400 of the corn plants had been overtaken almost overnight by corn smut, recalls Bradford, who’s also a landscape architect. The smut, from a fungus called Ustilago maydis, literally transforms each corn kernel into a bulbous, bulging bluish-grey gall. It is naturally present in the soil and can be lofted easily into the air and onto plants.

Smut is considered a scourge by most U.S. farmers, and it goes by the nickname “devil’s corn.” Just one discolored kernel typically renders an ear completely unsellable….

Yep, that’s the way we’ve usually considered it. But keep reading: Continue reading

Okra, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, and popcorn at Valdosta Farm Days 2015-07-18

Also rosemary, collard seeds…. A bit muggy, you can tell by the foggy picture Gretchen just took at the historic Lowndes County Courthouse in downtown Valdosta, Georgia.

526x701 Market time, in OPF at Valdosta Farm Days, by Gretchen Quarterman, 18 July 2015


Roundup bred mutant pigweed

With GM crops come herbicides, which breed resistant weeds. This has happened in about a decade for the worse mutants. We can reverse the problem by reversing the spraying, using plowing, cultivation, and crop rotation instead.

Mark Jeschke wrote for Pioneer Dupont, Crop Insights: Weed Management in the Era of Glyphosate Resistance, Continue reading

Canning corn and peaches at Lowndes High School 2014-07-12

Even more fun and twice as many people at  my second canning class at the Lowndes High School Canning Plant.

Thanks to James Perdue and the   Valdosta Community Garden Group for organizing.

300x225 Coring peaches, in Canning corn and peaches at Lowndes High School, by Gretchen Quarterman, for OkraParadiseFarms.com, 12 July 2014 These pictures are also on my facebook timeline.

See also shelling peas at the 19 June 2014 class.


Valdosta Farm Days –Gretchen on WALB

Gretchen is at the old Lowndes County Courthouse now, setting up for Valdosta Farm Days, 9AM to 1PM today.

By Colter Anstaetts reported from Okra Paradise Farms for WALB yesterday, Lowndes County farmers ready for “Farm Days”,

Lowndes County farmers will be at the courthouse in downtown Valdosta from 9 a.m.to 1 p.m. selling their crops. This is the fourth year for the “Farm Days” program, and Lowndes County farmers are looking forward to it.

“I’m definitely looking forward to Farm days,” said Gretchen Quarterman, a farmer in Hahira. “It’s an excellent opportunity for farmers, not only to sell but for local people to get local, fresh food. And, when we buy from local farmers we support the local economy.”