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Rat snake Black racer and dogs 2024-06-06

Update 2024-06-16 The snake experts say it’s a black racer (Coluber constrictor). I’ve come around to that identification, because it doesn’t have the narrow neck and wide head of a rat snake, and its body is round in cross-section, not loaf-shaped. Also, it struck like a cornered black racer. See this reference. I was just surprised it didn’t run away fast like a typical black racer. Maybe four dogs made it think cornered. Anyway, black racers also eat rodents, so happy munching, snake.

All four dogs didn’t like this rat snake at the workshop door, although only Blondie and Honeybun feature in these pictures.

[Dogs, snake]
Dogs, snake

It appears to be an eastern rat snake (Pantherophis alleghaniensis), with the white under its chin and side of head and otherwise black body.

It did try to strike at the dogs when they got close, but once I called them off it slithered back under the bench, and onwards.

Here’s a video:
https://youtu.be/e5AvoYPQmTE Continue reading

Yellow Dog’s rosemallow, three years later 2024-06-09

This is Yellow Dog’s Halberd-leaved rose mallow (Hibiscus laevis).

[Rosemallow, Yellow Dog, three years later]
Rosemallow, Yellow Dog, three years later

Three years ago, on June 12, 2021, it was the last one she saw. She was fourteen years old. Continue reading

Skeeter hawk and blackberries 2024-06-05

We were picking blackberries when this skeeter hawk landed on me.

[Dragonfly and blackberries]
Dragonfly and blackberries

The dragonfly just sat there for many minutes while I picked with my right hand.

Eventually it flew away.

The blackberries are very ripe and tasty.


River, Sky, Gretchen, rainbow 2024-06-05

We were picking blackberries when this rainbow appeared.

[River, Sky, Gretchen, Rainbow]
River, Sky, Gretchen, Rainbow

River and Sky, the dark and pale dogs, are our two newest. They are both Carolina Dogs, a landrace breed.

Gretchen may have been annoyed that the cloud usually above her head had turned into a rainbow.


River escapes 2024-06-02

River got a little too ornery the other night, so I put her in the pen. By the time I was back in the house, she was outside the house door.

I tried again, making sure the pen door was latched. She did it again.

We guessed she either climbed over the six-foot fence, or stuck her nose under and lifted up the pen.

[Movie: Circus dog River (77M)]
Movie: Circus dog River (77M)

So yesterday we tried in daylight with video.

We were all wrong.

Here’s the video:
https://youtu.be/VbZJksraIgA Continue reading

Blueberry Scacrecrow 2024-05-24

This scarecrow in the blueberries seems to be working. We’re actually getting some blueberries before the birds do.

[Scarecrow and scaresnake in the blueberries]
Scarecrow and scaresnake in the blueberries

And here’s a better view of the scaresnake. It has since disappeared. Didn’t seem to blow off, since it would be nearby, and it isn’t. We guess a buzzard thought it would be a treat. Continue reading

Halberd-leaved rose mallow 2024-05-27

It’s summer when we see this flower. Each bloom lasts one day.

[Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow]
Halberd-leaved Rose Mallow

But each halberd-leaved rose mallow plant has many blooms of Hibiscus laevis.

The plant likes wet soils, but this one is in the middle of upland piney woods.