Abnormal Chicken Feed

Jeremy Hsu writes that “Organic Feed Shown to Affect Genes in Chickens”:
Two generations of chickens were fed either organically cultivated feed or normal feed.
Um, organic feed is normal feed. It’s that other stuff that’s abnormal. And so are chickens raised on it:
Scientists then sampled RNA, the partner molecule for DNA during gene expression, from the small intestines of five organically fed chickens and five conventionally fed chickens. The results showed significant differences in gene expression among 49 genes.

The top ingredient in chicken feed is corn. The abnormal variety of which mostly comes from seed patented by Forbes’ Company of the Year: Monsanto.

Hm, what about humans raised chickens raised on abnormal feed? What do those 49 chicken genes do, anyway?

…the Dutch researchers note that seven of the 49 genes were involved in helping the chickens synthesize cholesterol, when just 30 genes are involved in the overall cholesterol biosynthesis.
Well, that can’t be important, can it?