The Locavore Song

Teacher Joe Green and Pope High School Horticulture students sing the locavore song. It starts slowly, but builds to a tasty campiness.
Every time I think about the things that I need.
All I have to do is go and plant a seed.
Give it a little water and time to mature.
You can grow a miracle in cow manure.
There’s more:
I will get my food fresh from the vine
For everything that grows is intertwined
And we will not lose hope
And we will cast our vote
at the checkout line.
Give it a listen:

1 thought on “The Locavore Song

  1. Jim Parker

    Wow! In MARIETTA! You can hardly get more conservative and right wing than there! I once attended a militia meeting there. Just goes to show what is possible. It can be done here in south Georgia, too.
    There seems to be a deeply archaic chord that is subconsciously struck when we get into the topic of food. In one respect, history is the uniting of humans into tribes for the acquisition of enough to eat. Everything else is merely support of that process. Local food is definitely an issue that can unite us at the local level.

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