1 thought on “Dogwoods blooming

  1. John Quarterman

    WE now enter a very remarkable grove of Dog wood trees (Cornus Florida) which continued nine or ten miles unalterable, except here and there a towering Magnolia grandiflora; the land on which they stand is an exact level; the surface a shallow, loose, black mould, on a stratum of stiff, yellowish clay; these trees were about twelve feet high, spreading horizontally; their limbs meeting and interlocking with each other, formed one vast, shady, cool grove, so dense and humid as to exclude the sun-beams and prevent the intrusion of almost every other vegetable, affording us a most desirable shelter from the fervid fun-beams at noon-day. This admirable grove by way of eminence has acquired the name of the Dog woods.
    –William Bartram, 1773

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