Gretchen and Paige on WCTV about Quarterman Road

So we were riding our bicycles today, and Gretchen got a phone call from Carolyn saying WCTV (Channel 6, Tallahassee/Thomasville) was at her house and wanted an interview, but she was at work and couldn’t do it. Gretchen rode down there, and this is the result: Slowing Down Speeders, by Deneige Broom:
Quarterman Road in Hahira was paved within the last year.

Some people who live there say people drive faster than the posted 35 miles per hour limit.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says this type of paving is safe for up to 45 miles per hour.

Lowndes County agreed to lower the speed limit to 35 miles per hour after they heard concerns from residents.

Since GDOT says the 45 mile per hour is acceptable, a posted speed limit of 35 can’t be enforced without approval.

Residents just want something done.

“We had drag racers out here a few weeks ago, two corvettes speed racing side by side up and down the road,” said Gretchen Quarterman who lives on the road. “It’s a neighborhood, we have 30 families that live on this road, they have small children.”

How did WCTV hear about this? They saw our neighbor Carolyn on YouTube:

For Paige Duke’s response (she’s the County Clerk), follow the link. It’s basically the same as what the county engineer said back at the 18 Feb County Commmission meeting:

The county has asked the state to authorize radar enforcement of a 35 MPH speed limit even though the design speed is 45 MPH. As I noted back then, that’s ironic, considering all the times they told us that wasn’t possible.

Paige also claimed speed “bumps” weren’t possible. This is also echoing what Chairman Ashley Paulk said at the time:

See my LAKE post for how numerous other counties and cities in Georgia and numerous other states manage to put speed humps on roads with 35 MPH speed limits with no problems. Funny how Lowndes County, Georgia, seems incapable of doing the same thing.