Let’s See the Marker from the Korean War

The widow Joyce Feazell wanted to actually see a tombstone noted by her late husband, John Feazell, on a propaganda pamphlet dropped by the North Koreans in Korea about 1952, Previously we discovered it was real and where it was likely to be.

Joyce called in a field agent to go find it: her son John N. Feazell, Jr., who lives near Savannah. Joyce reported back on 5 June 2010:

It is in the Cemetery you referred to. John went and found the marker and took this picture so it is for real.

Picture of the marker in Gravel Hill Cemetery, Bloomingdale, Georgia, by John N. Feazell, Jr., 5 June 2010.

As I remarked to Joyce:

You can see how PFC Horner’s daddy might have been upset, having already lost every other immediate relative.

Too bad the North Koreans used it in their propaganda.

She agreed.

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