Squirrels in Prius

At the Toyota dealer today:

Service Rep 1: Excuse me, ma’am, can you follow me please?

Me: Ok. (walk walk walk… to the garage part of dealer) You want me in the garage?

Service Rep 1: Yes, your car is over there. (pointing)

Me: Ok. (Hood is open to what you see in photo.)


Me: Ha. Squirrels.

Service Reps (there was a crowd of them standing about): bemused looks on faces…

(I’m positive they are thinking — she doesn’t think this is remotely odd — must be a wierdo).

Me: We have squirrels. And, we emptied the corn trailer. I guess they were trying to store up.

Service Rep 2 : This could be a problem. If something jumps out at me….

Me: I don’t think the squirrel is still in there, I’ve driven more than 20 miles today already.


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