Honeybee Roulette: Gambling with our Future –Heather Davis

Heather Davis will speak at South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

My presentation will be about how I became interested in honeybees and where my research has led me. It will begin with very basic information about honeybees and how they are important to our ecology. Then I will touch on how the monocultures and industrialized farming, pesticides and GMO/systemic pesticides are killing the bees and our culture and environment as we know it.

I will have pamphlets on GMO’s, how to make your own pesticides/insecticides that are safe for pollinators, what plants to grow to encourage a bio-diverse ecology at home for pollinators and a few others.

She’s on facebook as Sage Apiaries, “Pollination is the future of our food!”

Her conference bio:

I have worked for a local Vidalia Onion farmer the last 6 years as Finance and Office Manager of four multi-million dollar corporations. I purchased forty hives last February and have partnered in October of this year to purchase over 400 hives. I quit my full time job the first of December to work more with my hives. I currently work part-time as an Office Manager at a local pharmacy.

The rest of the time, I spend either making beauty products from my honey and wax, canning fresh veggies for farmers markets or working with my honeybee hives. As a beekeeper, I work with several local farms to provide pollination services and I am actively researching and pursuing the idea of forming a local Co-Op.

Come to SOGALO2014 and hear Heather Davis speak about honeybees!