Multi-generational Growing –Gene Godfrey

Gene Godfrey will talk about Making Provisions From A Local Level at South Georgia Growing Local 2014 about:

Ways to get the church involved in gardening

Addressing challenges doing harvest time

Providing moments for show and tell

Supporting our mission throughout the year

Here’s his church website with additional information: Newsome Street Church of Christ in Hahira.

His church participates in Lowndes County Partnership for Health’s Gardens in the Community:

Currently there are over 55 garden sites located at afterschool centers such as Boys and Girls Club’s in Lowndes and Brooks County, QUOLA, All 4 Kids Future; community outreach centers such as TEACH, R & H Missions, Childrens Advocacy Center; family and children’s living facilities such as the Georgia Sheriffs Boys Ranch, the Pines Family Campus, the Haven; churches such as King Solomon’s Missionary Baptist Church, Serenity Church, Newsome St., Church of Christ, and the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship; and many, many individual’s backyards.

His church bio says:

Eugene C. Godfrey, Sr. Minister

Bro. Eugene Godfrey was born in Naylor, Georgia to the late Brother Leroy A. Godfrey Sr. and Sister Eula C. Godfrey. He obeyed the gospel on July 29, 1962, under the preaching of Brother Dual Ghant. His childhood and young adult life was spent worshipping and serving at Southside Church of Christ, Valdosta, Ga. He began preaching the gospel September 1972. Bro Godfrey, labored and served as Youth and Associate Minister with Brother Harvey Jackson for about seven years. In addition to this experience he continued this ministry with Brother John W. Iverson, Sr. for another seven years. In September of 1986, he was called by the brethren at Newsome Street Church of Christ to come and serve as their pulpit minister. He accepted this request and has been a servant there for almost 24 years. Bro Godfrey, has been married to Vivian for almost 38 consecutive years. They have four children: LaCarra, Geneine, Joe, and KaTere, and have five wonderful grand children.

Come to SOGALO2014 and hear Rev. Godfrey speak about Multi-generational Growing!