The five P’s of Grafting –Annie Barbas

Master Gardener Annie Barbas will speak at South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

The session will give an overview of planning, preparation, plant materials, tools and the process of various forms of grafting including some physical examples in differing stages of the process.

We will cover the the necessity of Planning, Preparation, Precision, Patience and Prayer needed for grafting success. We will not be grafting, but I will have some recently grafted material to view (last summer) as well as various grafting supplies that my husband and I use.

Her conference bio:

I have extended experience in Landscape design and planting, as well as a life time of gardening. Currently I am involved in a Master Gardener project with the goal to put orchards in our public schools in Valdosta. I currently write for State by State Gardening Magazine addressing the needs of the Southern Georgia region.

Come to SOGALO2014 and hear Mrs. Annie Barbas talk about grafting!