Grapes growing, picked, fermenting

Fermenting inside Small, growing, ripe, picked, and now Gretchen is fermenting them: native Scuppernong Muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia).

Very tasty!

Watering the grapes 2015-06-02

Watering the grapes Most of them never got watered, but these happened to grow right next to a spigot.

Thanks to the late Barney Ray for these native muscadine grapes.

Growing 2015-07-23

Growing Getting there.

Ripe 2015-09-05

Ripe Tasty!

Picked 2015-09-05

Picked Enough to ferment.

Golden Grape label on jar 2015-09-06

Golden Grape label on jar First batch first year, but probably not the last.

Fermenting inside 2015-09-06

Fermenting inside

See them bubble after Gretchen stirs them in this video: