Okra picked this morning at Barnes Drugs 1-3PM today

All like this one Here’s Gretchen with 10 pounds of okra in the bag, all as nice and fresh as the one pictured. You can buy some of that this afternoon in Valdosta.

Where: Barnes Healthcare Services
200 S Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601

When: 1-3PM Friday 15 July 2016

Here’s a list of what Gretchen will have for sale at reasonable prices:

  • Okra: you won’t get it like this in a store
  • Peppers: habanero, cayenne, etc.
  • Eggplant: none of these vegetable have ever been sprayed with anything
  • Red grits: ground locally from heirloom corn grown here
  • Red corn flour: same corn, ground finer; great for cornbread
  • Red Potatoes: small and large
  • Cane syrup: a few bottles like you’ve never tasted before; pure cane grown here, carefully blended

If Gretchen doesn’t have it, Thelma probably will, so come on down for fresh vegetables!


All like this one