Snake chose poorly, say dogs 2019-05-18

Update 2019-05-20: A more likely identification.

Definitely not a rattlesnake. Whatever it is, it chose poorly by showing up right in front of the dogs’ doghouse.

Don’t know which dog dislikes them most, maybe Yellow Dog.

Maybe Brown Dog.

Apparently not a rattlesnake, with no rattles and not the right kind of coloration.

My best guess is it is a Pine Snake (Pituophis melanoleucus).

It chose poorly.


Apparently it’s actually a Rat Snake (Elaphe [Pantherophis] obsoleta), according to at least two knowledgable people.

I thought of that, but couldn’t find a picture with matching colors. Apparently it’s a juvenile, like this picture from the above source:

Which is too bad, because there are rats around needing to be eaten.