Box turtle and oblivious Yellow Dog 2020-06-11

Apparently box turtles don’t like blackberries, even when Gretchen offers them. And Yellow Dog doesn’t notice turtles.

[Gretchen offers blackberry to turtle]
Gretchen offers blackberry to turtle

[Turtle and blackberry]
Turtle and blackberry

[Yellow Dog snout]
Yellow Dog snout

[Dog stomp]
Dog stomp

[Dog stand]
Dog stand

[Movie: Turtle, blackberry, Yellow Dog (31M)]
Movie: Turtle, blackberry, Yellow Dog (31M)

Here’s a video:

No turtles or dogs were harmed in the making of this production.


One thought on “Box turtle and oblivious Yellow Dog 2020-06-11

  1. Loretta

    …blackberries probably grow too far above ground to be food for box turtles in nature… you can always send any surplus over here! Yellow Dog knows the turtle isn’t a threat, so it’s cool.

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