What was I thinking? –Gretchen at the cane bed 2020-11-29

That’s less than half of the sugar cane on the bed when Gretchen wondered, “What was I thinking?”

[Bed, covers, bedded.]
Bed, covers, bedded.

Nervous Nellie thought it was great fun, running up and down the cane bed as I was digging it. The other dogs got bored and went home.

Gretchen cut almost all of the cane with her machete. (She didn’t approve of my axe.)

[What was I thinking?]
What was I thinking?

Guess who got to carry all of it to the cane bed (hint: not her).

[How much more cane?]
How much more cane?

Maybe some big armadillos did that?

[About to pull the covers over.]
About to pull the covers over.

Or a John Deere armadillo.

[Bedded down.]
Bedded down.

What she has on the golf cart is just a bit for grinding to make a little cane syrup. The rest is for planting a bigger crop next year.