Cornbread 2020-12-15

Note to self: oven timer is merely advisory; does not turn off oven.

[Ingredients, Oven, Baked Cornbread]
Ingredients, Oven, Baked Cornbread

Gretchen didn’t mention that in the recipe she gave me. Here are the cornbread ingredients, including our own Okra Paradise Farms blue corn flour.


Here are the mixed ingredients, in the oven pre-heated to 400 degrees.


Turns out it’s best to turn the oven off when the timer goes off at 25 minutes.


It was tasty, although quite crunchy. Especially good with corn syrup. Also maple syrup. Also butter and jelly. Also with vegetables heated over it.

Some of the most crunchy bits became hush puppies. All the dogs liked those.