Six inches of rain in two days, swamp full 2021-07-05

A month of no rain ended mid-June, capped by 3.5 inches July 4th and another 3 inches July 5th, according to the bucket-and-yardstick rain gauge. Our cypress swamp, which had only puddles, is now full and overflowing.

[3.5 + 6 inches of rain, cypress swamp]
3.5 + 6 inches of rain, cypress swamp

That chair was above the cypress swamp high water mark for this year. Now it’s in the water.

I’m renaming the front driveway Twin Creeks. Most of its flow goes into the swamp.

[3.25 inches 2021-07-04]
3.25 inches 2021-07-04

Gretchen observed there was enough water after the 3.5″ rain to boat in the swamp.

[Cypress swamp pretty full]
Cypress swamp pretty full

[With skeeters]
With skeeters

[6.25 inches 2021-07-05]
6.25 inches 2021-07-05

[Driveway creek]
Driveway creek

[Movie: Driveway waterfall (19M)]
Movie: Driveway waterfall (19M)

[Into the swamp]
Into the swamp

[Chair was above high water mark]
Chair was above high water mark

We have two 4″ pipes under the back driveway. They were full, and overflowing.

[Movie: Outflow (9.9M)]
Movie: Outflow (9.9M)