Starlink: 277 Mbps down, 14 Mbps up, 31 ms latency 2021-12-26

Update 2022-01-10: Starlink dish 2021-12-27.

Finally, real Internet access out here in the piney woods of south Georgia.


Those numbers are with Starlink has its own speedtest, which shows similar numbers. The latency is sometimes higher, but so far never over 100 ms.

We did have to trim a few sweetgums, but now we’re getting almost no interruptions, unlike the frequent outages with either AT&T DSL or Verizon Home Fusion.

So no more oh, it’s out again, go do something else for awhile, or another spinner, or an error message because nobody in Silicon Valley designed anything for slow links.

Now: get software? Zip, it’s here. Put videos on YouTube? A minute or two instead of hours.

Starlink cost: $99/month.

Sure, that’s twice what I pay for AT&T’s alleged 3 Mbps DSL. But Starlink is 100 times as fast and, let’s see: it actually works.