Adel Tire fixing flat tractor tire 2022-06-27

Could this be a problem?

[Flat tire, fixing, Adel Tire Co.]
Flat tire, fixing, Adel Tire Co.

Wasn’t flat when I parked it.

[Flat tire]
Flat tire

Common tire size.

[Goodyear 14.9-28Flat, fixing, Adel Tire]
Goodyear 14.9-28Flat, fixing, Adel Tire

Easy to fix if you have the tools and the know-how, which I don’t.

[Fixing tractor tire]
Fixing tractor tire

Turns out there was a hole in an area that had been creased.

[Hole in tire]
Hole in tire

So if your tractor tire is flat, call Adel Tire Co.

[Adel Tire Co. 229-896-3086]
Adel Tire Co. 229-896-3086