Trees, lightning, hurricane, chainsaw 2022-11-10

Some weeks ago, lightning struck a bunch of trees and killed them.

During Hurricane Nicole, two of them fell across the front driveway.

A little chainsaw work cleared the driveway.

[Lightning, Hurricane, Chainsaw]
Lightning, Hurricane, Chainsaw


These two pictures are from November 5, 2022. Notice how the dead trees are in a line.

[Lightning-struck trees]
Lightning-struck trees

No, it’s not pine beetles. A few of the dead trees do have beetle holes, but most do not.

Fortunately, the biggest longleaf by the driveway were not affected.

[Driveway longleaf]
Driveway longleaf


Gretchen heard these trees fall across the driveway.

[Deadfalls in driveway]
Deadfalls in driveway

I fetched the tractor and chainsaw, and pretty soon no problem.

[Chainsawed out of the way]
Chainsawed out of the way

Didn’t actually need the tractor for the parts of the two trees across the driveway, but did use it to drag away some bigger sections.


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