Canebrake rattlesnake relocated 2023-03-21

This canebrake rattlesnake was too close to the farm workshop at Okra Paradise Farms, so I used a hoe to put it in a cardboard box and took it far away.

[Snake, hoe, box 2023-03-21]
Snake, hoe, box 2023-03-21

How? I show the snake a hoe. It either gets in the box with a nudge from the hoe, or it gets in the box in two pieces.

Here’s a video playlist:

It’s hard to see a Crotalus horridus in oak leaves. But you can hear it.

[Snake in oak leaves]
Snake in oak leaves

The dogs discovered it, and Gretchen herded them and children into the farm workshop.

[Movie: Mad snake (35M)]
Movie: Mad snake (35M)

[Movie: Closeup mad snake (26M)]
Movie: Closeup mad snake (26M)


[Snake in box --Gretchen Quarterman]
Snake in box –Gretchen Quarterman


[Movie: Snake likes box now (16M)]
Movie: Snake likes box now (16M)

[Movie: Snake won't come out of box (5.2M)]
Movie: Snake won’t come out of box (5.2M)

I’d say nine or ten rattles.

[Movie: Tossed snake out of box (31M)]
Movie: Tossed snake out of box (31M)