Two methods of picking potatoes 2023-05-15

Two methods of potato digging.

[Two views of 'tater digging 2023-05-15]
Two views of ‘tater digging 2023-05-15

On the left, tractor and blade. Upside: digs them right up. Downside: and buries them in the dug dirt, so you have to dig them up again.

[Tractor and blade on left, potato fork on right]
Tractor and blade on left, potato fork on right

On the right, potato fork and pick them up. Upside: whack just past the plant stem and the potatoes fly out of the ground. Downside: is more work whacking than driving the tractor, but still way less than redigging them out of the dug dirt.

[Pretty good crop]
Pretty good crop