Solar panel spring cleaning 2024-03-30

Once a year, we scrub off the pine pollen that builds up into a paste on our solar panels.

[Spring cleaning of old and new solar panels 2024-03-30]
Spring cleaning of old and new solar panels 2024-03-30

That’s all the maintenance they require.

[Old (2006) 20 solar panels]
Old (2006) 20 solar panels

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OK, it’s true we have replaced the four deep-cell marine batteries that go with the original 20 panels. And recently, after 18 years, we replaced their inverter. But that’s all.


[Movie: New (2012) 60 solar panels (46M)]
Movie: New (2012) 60 solar panels (46M)


[Dove nest, 25 feet up]
Dove nest, 25 feet up


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