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Okra purple, red, and green, and a beet

Picked some more purple okra today, plus a beet, and plenty of green okra. Here are some of those compared with an orange okra. The purple okra on the left is the one from yesterday’s color wheel; it was picked smaller than these today, and looks almost black with some green. The ones today look more purple, somewhere between beet and fuschia; maybe red violet. The orange okra (same one from yesterday) looks red-orange or maroon with a bit of green. And the green okra looks, well, green.

No flash


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Purple okra flower and pod

Update: That was actually a green okra. Here’s a real purple okra and here are purple, orange, and green compared.
A purple okra! Just you wait, orange okra, in a day or so we’ll see who’s purple.

A purple okra!

Purple okra flower:

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