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Dirt Road Organics Hard at Work in Valdosta 2016-02-24

Proof the elusive Tom Kuettner can be captured. Gretchen Quarterman delivered popcorn from Okra Paradise Farms to Cory Danner and picked up our order yesterday from Dirt Road Organics Buying Club.

Tom Kuettner delivers juice to Gretchen Quarterman

More pictures below.

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Making soap with Milk, Essential Oils, & other Natural ingredients –Tom Kuettner @ SOGALO15 2015-01-24

What’s in your soap? Listen to Tom Kuettner and find out.

300x225 Curing, in Subject: Making soap with Milk, Essential Oils, & other Natural ingredients, by Tom Kuettner, for OkraParadiseFarms.com, 14 January 2015 Why use Natural soap, Types of soap making, Basic soap making, What problems do adding Milk, Essential Oils, Botanicals pose, how do we deal with these problems to make quality soap.

Who should attend: Anyone with a desire to make their own soap or with an interest in what’s in their soap and why to use natural soap

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