Ribbon Cutting, Quarterman Road

Chairman Paulk insisted that Gretchen cut the ribbon:

Before that, the crowd assembling:

Cathy Quarterman, Barry Robinson, Scott Dinkins, Mike Fletcher, John Quarterman, Matt Flumerfelt, Penny Dinkins, photographer, Joe Pritchard, David Quarterman, Ginger Paulk, Harold Buckholts

Lowndes County Commission Chairman Ashley Paulk’s remarks, “the job we’re in is listening to the public” (33M):

Commissioner Richard Lee’s remarks (part 1), “a better product, in the end” (83M):

Commissioner Richard Lee’s remarks (part 2), “the discourse on it was very civil; very adult-like” (11M):

John S. Quarterman thanks Robin English of county Public Works, former Commissioner J. Edgar Roberts, former Chair Rod Casey, and says, “some trees are better than no trees” (31M):

Many more pictures on flickr.

Some people say paving solves everything. Nature has other ideas:

Grass growing through the asphalt

Matt Flumerfelt asked me, “What do you use these woods for? Just a wildlife preserve?”

I answered, “We have a forest. The county just has roads.”