Southern Nevada Health District forced private citizens to pour bleach on home-grown organic food

Quail Hollow Farm was holding a Farm-to-Fork dinner for invited guests, when a health inspector showed up and forced them to destroy the food. In this video of the event you can hear the arrogance of the inspector:
That’s all the information you need.
Well, no, it’s not.

The inspector said it was a public event because the guests had paid for d inner.

The farmer eventually called their lawyer who said ask the inspector to see her warrant. She had none.

But they had already been told their food that they grew with their own hands was not fit for a public dinner, nor a private dinner, not even to feed to their pigs. They were forced to pour bleach on it, making it unfit even for compost.

Given that every food contamination recall in recent years has come from big factory farms, not from small organic farms, does this raid seem right to you?

The farm sells food to restaurants, and had a truck full of that food ready to roll. They opened it up and cooked that food instead. So they managed to feed their guests by using their stock in trade. But why should they have had to?

Here’s the detailed report by Laura Bledso for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, 24 October 2011, Farm-to-Fork Dinner Fiasco

As Kimberly Irence asks in the video:

Who owns America now?
Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776:
“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”
—Declaration of Independence


2 thoughts on “Southern Nevada Health District forced private citizens to pour bleach on home-grown organic food

  1. Barbara Stratton

    This is a direct result of UN Agenda 21 initiatives that are creating federal regulations on everything to gain total control over all citizens. One of the prime objectives is to gain control of all food sources. That is why I keep saying anti-UN Agenda 21 efforts are non-partisan & hopefully more citizens will come to realize that big government is false promises & tyranny. It pledges free food & other necessities when it actually intends to rob all private citizens of their food supplies so they can manipulate control. We are working to expose the multi-dimensional covert infiltration & just attended a UN Agenda 21 information & training conference in Jax on the 17th. All citizens need to get informed. If you think it’s not already in Lowndes County you are dead wrong. Use your internet resources to research for yourself before the Feds very soon control that too. This is not Conspiracy Theory because it is readily documented by anyone who researches while the information is there. Local buzz words are: Public/Private Partnerships (open fascism, dismantlement of fair bidding rules & grant subsidizing of Crony Capitalism), Green Energy, Green Builders, Brownfields & Super Funds, district taxes such as T-Splost (forerunner to district consolidations) & many more. We learned at the conference that so many citizens are becoming aware of their agenda that they are changing up some of the names & buzzwords to further conceal motives & avoid exposure. The majority of elected officials state wide have bought into the system to maintain their positions so we cannot depend on them to protect us. The ultimate UN Aganda 21 goal is distruction of local, state & national sovereignty leading to One World Government.

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