Afternoon pond

Lily pads reflecting sun:

Lily pads reflecting sun

Gretchen in the lilies:

Gretchen in the lilies

Rolled lily pad:

Rolled lily pad

Yellow jessamine:

Yellow jessamine

Many yellow jessamine:

Many yellow jessamine

Jessamine and cypress:

Jessamine and cypress

Jessamine and Gretchen:

Jessamine and Gretchen

Jessamine and grass:

Jessamine and grass



Beaver house:

Beaver house

Floating bottom with broomsedge:

Floating bottom with broomsedge

Bird nest and mistletoe:

Bird nest and mistletoe



Mistletoe and cypress:

Mistletoe and cypress

Should know what this plant is:

Should know what this plant is
Pictures by John S. Quarterman for Okra Paradise Farms, Lowndes County, Georgia, 2013-04-02.