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Porch wren chicks 2020-05-17

The porch wrens built their nest so dark inside I never even saw their eggs, but now the chicks are hatched, four or five of them.

[Flash: four or five chicks]
Flash: four or five chicks

Had to use my phone’s flash to see them.

[One barely visible]
One barely visible

Gretchen actually discovered them.


Phoenix bird 2020-05-10

The firebird appears to be a Carolina wren.

[Carolina wren]
Carolina wren

This Thryothorus ludovicianus didn’t seem to mind that I was three feet from it. Continue reading

Video: Wasps 2020-04-12

Something to avoid on the water.

[Wasp nest]
Wasp nest

As good a video as I could get, since I didn’t want to get any closer: https://youtu.be/ezt2ksMwz8I.

Stay tuned for great blue herons and a red-bellied woodpecker.


Wren nest inside screened porch

Some weeks back we saw a pair of Carolina wrens (Thryothorus ludovicianus) flitting about inside our screened porch. We thought they had wandered in and were trying to get out. But soon it became obvious they knew not one but two ways in and out.

Then we noticed they had built a nest in the pot of a hanging plant. That seemed silly, and they seemed to have abandoned that quest.

But today I saw the mama wren going in that nest. And here’s what’s inside the nest:

Nest in hanging plant pot, Wren

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