Water Conservation –Marilyn Dye

How to Lower Your Water Bill by Collecting Rain Water is the topic of Marilyn Dye’s presentation at South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

My presentation will include information on the limited water supply available globally, the amount of water used by households on a daily basis, and how we can decrease the amount of tap water we through water conservation and by collecting rainwater.

Her conference bio:

I am retired, I’m wife, and I am a caregiver to my mother. My interests are water conservation, and gardening. I came to care about conserving water out of necessity. High water bills early one season made my husband and me realize, that using tapwater to water our greenery was going to exceed our budget.

After witnessing costly water loss because of broken Sprinkler Heads and burst underground pipes, I began to seriously think of ways to not only prevent water loss, in and around our home, but also think of an inexpensive alternative to using tapwater outdoors.

The Rain Collection Concept began as a personal project, it turned into a neighborhood project, and eventually evolved into a Rain Barrel Company. It is my passion.

Inherit the Rain
Marilyn Dye
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Come to SOGALO2014 and hear Marilyn Dye talk about rainwater collection!