Yes, we can grow citrus in Georgia! –Marj Schneider

Update 2 Feb 2014: Citrus Resources.

At South Georgia Growing Local 2014:

Learn about varieties that do best in our climate, and how to plant and nurture your trees. We will discuss winter protection, fertilizing, and challenges with citrus. You’ll leave with resources for buying trees and learning more.

Bess T. Chappas wrote and took this picture for SavannahNow 24 September 2008, Tropical garden in suburbia,

Twenty citrus trees are scattered around the yard, including lemon, blood orange, tangelo, cara-cara orange, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin. A pumello plant, a citrus variety from Southeast Asia, has a fruit the size of a basketball. Papaya and guava plants grow tall against the back of the house. Pineapple and coffee plants grow in the ground and in large pots.

Here’s her speaker bio for the conference:

Marj Schneider has been growing citrus in her Savannah backyard for the past 10 years. With help from experts and experience over the years, she and her husband, Don Moss, have learned about the needs and habits of these glorious fruiting trees. She is an unreformed Citruholic with over 25 trees, some in pots and many in the ground. The trees share the yard with banana and berry plants, as well as plots and beds occupied year-round with vegetables. She marvels at being able to pick lemons, green peppers, ginger and kale, all on the same day!

Come to SOGALO2014 and hear Marj about citrus!